Concealed Carry Holsters

Concealed Carry Holsters


Worn on the inside of the waist band (IWB) for concealed carry.



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Concealed Carry (Carrying a Concealed Weapon (CCW)) refers to the practice of carrying a firearm in public in a concealed or hidden manner, either on one's person or in close proximity. Concealed carry is legal in most states. A handful of states and jurisdictions severely restrict or ban it, but all jurisdictions make provision for legal concealed carry via a permit or license, or via constitutional carry.

Some states have "may-issue" statutes and may (or may not) issue permits to carry if a person meets the requirements to obtain one. Typically these states allow permits to be issued to off-duty and retired police officers, judges, and federal agents. You should check your state laws to determine what legal requirements or restrictions exist regarding concealed carry. You may be required to obtain a permit or you may not.


IWB is one of the most common ways to Concealed Carry. If you are new to concealed carry or shopping for someone and you are not familiar with the terminology you may not know what the terms mean. It's fairly straightforward so let's take a look.

IWB stands for "Inside the Waist Band". With this type of carry, your IWB Holster and firearm are concealed inside the waist band of your pants. Concealment with IWB holsters are superior to OWB holsters "Outside the Waist Band", although some sort of coat, jacket or untucked shirt may need to be worn.

When you carry IWB you may need a larger belt or a Carry Belt for best results. Pants and belts should be purchased in a waistband size that includes the firearm and holster.

Most IWB holsters can be worn cross-draw or on the strong side, depending on the situation and your preference. A clip-on IWB holster and firearm can be quickly added or removed from your belt and the waist band.

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