Are you Looking For A New Concealed Carry Firearm?

When it comes to picking out the right concealed carry handgun, which do you choose from? The industry has grown so much that the choice alone might be enough to overwhelm some looking for their first concealed carry handgun. In this list we want to highlight 5 great options that fit into the concealable handgun market while still showcasing a full list of features.

When it comes to concealed carry handguns, the compromise between concealability and magazine capacity are choices of the past. We as consumers can now choose what features we want to prioritize, without having to sacrifice much else. These handguns are reliable, accurate, and durable in their design which ultimately results in an end product you can’t go wrong with choosing.

Sig Sauer P365X

Since the debut of the Sig P365, Sig has been continually developing upon the P365 platform. With the natural progression of the P365 coming in from input of the consumer, the P365X was born. The P365X has the same barrel & slide length of the original P365 while having a longer grip that fits the 12 round mags. A unique feature of the P365X is the built in flared mag well.

  • Optics compatible (Rear sight loss with optic mounted (nonstandard footprint))
  • Two 12 round flush fit mags
  • High vis green front sight with tritium vials in front and rear sight
  • Our Holsters for the P365X

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus

Of all the handguns on our list, Smith & Wesson has had one of the longest traditions of making a slim and concealable handgun with their original M&P Shield. The upgraded M&P Shield Plus design was directly correlated with the consumers desire to have more capacity with the same size of handgun. With the massive success of the original M&P Shield, the M&P Shield Plus remains among the best for being their concealed carry handgun.

Glock 43X MOS

Glock has gained a ton of traction with the release of their G43 model. Again with the consumers desire to jam pack more rounds into a small & concealable handgun, the Glock 43X was invented. The G43X MOS departs from the G43 in the aspect of its grip length and its accessory rail. With the addition of 4 more rounds the G43X sports 10 round flush fit mags and a longer grip to aid with recoil management. With Glocks reputation of their reliability and a strong aftermarket support, it's easy to see any Glock models as being anyone's top consideration for a concealed carry handgun.

Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP

When Springfield released the Hellcat to the Market in 2019 they already had a number of other handguns to compete with. Since its debut, the Hellcat has been one of the best sellers when it comes to its category for defensive concealed carry handguns. A couple of leading features of the Hellcat are its awesome stock grip texture and smooth stock trigger.

  • Optics Compatible (Shield RMSc Footprint)
  • 11 & 13 round magazines
  • High vis yellow ring and tritium front sight. White U shaped rear sight
  • Our Holsters for the Hellcat OSP

Glock 19 Gen 5 MOS

It should be no surprise that the Glock 19 is on our Top 5 list. For many the Glock 19 has been the standard “do everything” compact handgun. Out of every handgun manufacturer Glock has the biggest aftermarket support when it comes to parts and accessories. While the G19 is the largest sized handgun on our list, it remains one of the most popular concealed carry handguns.

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