Additional Tek-Mount Mini 360 Insert Disk

Additional Tek-Mount Mini 360 Insert Disk

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The Tek-Mount™ Mini is a two-part quick connect mounting system that consists of a receiver and a Mini 360 Insert Disk- Just like our full size Tek-Mount. Much like the Safariland® ELS, the Tek-Mount Mini provides the same functionality, speed, and ease of use but with the added ability to cant your gear instantly without the use of tools. The patent pending Tek-Mount™ Mini allows for 15-degree cant increments for 24 unique cant positions. The Tek-Mount Mini Receiver is to be affixed to Belt attachments as a belt mount, Molle Attachments, and more. While the Tek-Mount Mini 360 Insert Disk is to be affixed to single Mag Pouches, Tourniquet Pouches, Handcuff Pouches, Knife Sheaths or any other carried gear



Auto Locking Mini Quick Mount
Slide the 360 Insert Disk into the auto-locking Tek-Mount Mini Receiver to securely bind the two halves of the Tek-Mount Mini together.

Duty Strong and USA Made
Made in the USA of a high-strength glass filled polymer, the Tek-Mount Mini can easily withstand day to day use for years to come

24 Cant Positions / 360 Degrees
Instantly adjust your mounted gear in 15-degree increments, a full 360 degrees without the use of tools or screws and posts. 

Mounting Options
The Tek-Mount Mini Receiver can be mounted to various belts, vests, plate carriers, bags, packs, and more!


1x Tek-Mount Mini 360 Insert Disk
4x 3/16" Posts
4x 1/4" Truss Head Screws


Perfect for mag pouches, knife sheaths, TQ pouches, tape measures, and more. Take your small carried gear to the next level with the Tek-Mount Mini!

Endless Possibilities.


Easily mounts on belts with the Tek-Lok attachment, directly mounts anywhere you can put an ELS, and more.


Quickly mounts onto MOLLE webbing with our Molle-Loks. Great for vests, bags, packs, and more.




The Tek-Mount Mini supports 24 different cant angles, each spaced 15 degrees apart for a full 360 degrees of options.

Yes! The Tek-Mount Mini provides all the features and mounting options of the Safariland® ELS, with the added bonus of being able to cant in 24 different locking positions.

While our Original Tek-Mount is designed for holsters and other bigger gear, the Tek-Mount Mini is perfect for applications like mag pouches, TQ holders, knife sheaths, and more.