Total Eclipse 2.0 Appendix IWB Mag Pouch Mod Kit

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The Total Eclipse® 2.0 Appendix IWB Mag Pouch Mod Kit is designed for appendix inside the waistband (AIWB) carry. It securely attaches to your Total Eclipse 2.0 Holster via the Mod-Lok™ hub, allowing for a versatile and ambidextrous carry experience to compliment your Total Eclipse 2.0 Holster. For the ultimate concealed carry rig, pair your Total Eclipse 2.0 Holster with the Appendix Mag Pouch Mod and the AIWB (Appendix Inside The Waistband) Mods™ (included) for a seamless and secure carry.

*The Appendix Mag Pouch Mod Kit is Not Compatible with the legacy Total Eclipse OWB Holster and is only compatible with the Total Eclipse 2.0 Holster

Flared Lip
Allows for smooth reholstering and clears space for quick draws.

Multi-Directional Adjustable Retention
Adjust retention front to back and side to side.

Ambidextrous Design
Suitable for left or right-hand shooters by swapping the Mod-Lok Hubs to the preferred side.

Each Appendix Mag Pouch Mod comes with a set of AIWB Mods in both the right and left hand version.

1x  Total Eclipse 2.0™ Appendix Mag Pouch Mod
1x  RH AIWB Mod
1x  LH AIWB Mod
1x  RH AIWB Deep Concealment Mod
1x  LH AIWB Deep Concealment Mod
2x  Alternate Retention Springs


1911/Government .45acp 45 SS
FN/509 9/40 DS
Glock/17 9/40 DS
Glock/19 9/40 DS
Glock/20 45 DS
Glock/21 45 DS
Glock/22 9/40 DS
Glock/23 9/40 DS
Glock/26 9/40 DS
Glock/27 9/40 DS
Glock/29 45 DS
Glock/30 45 DS
Glock/31 9/40 DS
Glock/32 9/40 DS
Glock/43 9/40 SS
Glock/43X 9/40 DS
Glock/44 9/40 DS
Glock/45 9/40 DS
Glock/47 9/40 DS
H&K/VP9 9/40 DS
Magpul/PMAG 15 GL9 9/40 DS
Magpul/PMAG 17 GL9 9/40 DS
Ruger/American 45 45 DS
Ruger/American 9/40 9/40 DS
Ruger/LC9 / LC9S 9/40 SS
S&W/M&P .45 45 DS
S&W/M&P 2.0 .45 45 DS
S&W/M&P 2.0 9-40 9/40 DS
S&W/M&P 2.0 9-40 Compact 9/40 DS
S&W/M&P 9 Shield PLUS 9/40 DS
S&W/M&P 9-40 9/40 DS
S&W/M&P 9-40 Compact 9/40 DS
S&W/M&P Compact 9/40 9/40 DS
S&W/M&P Shield .45 45 SS
S&W/M&P Shield 9-40 9/40 SS
Sig/1911 45 SS
Sig/P220 45 SS
Sig/P226 9-40 9/40 DS
Sig/P226 X5 9-40 9/40 DS
Sig/P228 9-40 9/40 DS
Sig/P229 9-40 9/40 DS
Sig/P320 9-40 9/40 DS
Sig/P320 M18 9/40 DS
Sig/P320 Subcompact 9/40 DS
Sig/P320C 9/40 9/40 DS
Sig/P365-XMACRO 9/40 DS
Sig/P365/P365X 9/40 DS
Sig/P365XL 9/40 DS
Springfield/Hellcat 9/40 DS
Springfield/Hellcat Pro 9/40 DS
Springfield/XDS 9/40 9/40 SS
Springfield/XDS Mod.2 .45 45 SS

Why Total Eclipse 2.0 Appendix Mag Pouch Mod?

Carry an extra mag with confidence with the Total Eclipse 2.0 Appendix Mag Pouch Mod. Quickly and toolessly swap from OWB at the range to AIWB for running errands and more.


Every Appendix Mag Pouch Mod comes with a set of Appendix Inside The Waistband Mods. These feature two different "claw" lengths which pushes the grip of your firearm into your body, helping to prevent printing. Both left and right hand versions included.


Not only can you adjust the retention in the traditional direction, using the screw on top of the mag pouch you are able to adjust for the width of the mag, not just the thickness.

4 Styles, Hundreds of Mags

Utilizing the unique retention device allows a mag as small as the Hellcat and a mag as big as a Glock 17 fit in the same pouch.