Velocity Competition Speed Gun Belt

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The Velocity Competition Speed Belt features two ultra-sturdy HDPE reinforced belts with nylon webbing that boast 4,000-pound tensile strength. This gun belt will never falter under the weight of even the heaviest competition gear. Industrial grade VELCRO® backing allows you to layer the two halves of the belt (one holding all your gear, the other serving as a base) to create an easy-on, easy-off setup that is fully secured in place with the Blade-Tech belt keeper.

When it comes to competition gear, you need the best to be in the running. Blade-Tech consulted with our sponsored shooters to engineer a competition gun belt that is perfectly suited for the sport. This is a customer favorite for USPSA. Carry Confident in every competition with our Velocity Competition shooting belt.

* To find your size, please take your waist size and add 2-4 inches. The overlap will ensure that all your mag pouches and holster will fit, while still allowing space for the inner belt hook and loop closure to adhere to the outer belt.


Reinforced, boasting 4,000-pound tensile strength and industrial grade VELCRO®.

Lots of Sizes
Available from a 32” waist to a 52” waist.

Quick to use
Made as a two-piece system that allows you to wear the inner, and attach the outer with your gear on it when you’re ready to go.

The Velocity gun belt is 1.5” and can be used with any of our attachments.

1x Base Layer
1x Gear Layer
1x Belt Keeper

All Blade-Tech Carry Belts are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of One (1) Year from the date of original retail purchase from Blade-Tech or an authorized Blade-Tech retailer listed.
Person wearing Velocity Competition Speed Gun Belt for Competitive Shooters with Signature Mag Pouch Pro Outside the Waistband (OWB) Mag Carrier for 1911 firearm 1911 Single Stack Handgun Magazine

Why Velocity Competition Speed Belt?

Built for speed, the Velocity Competition Speed Belt was designed in collaboration with top-tier competitive shooters. Featuring ultra-tough, double-layered nylon webbing the Velocity Competition Shooting Belt has what it takes to hold all your gear during the toughest matches. Comprised of an inner belt and outer that is lined with Velcro the Velocity makes it quick to toss your set up in seconds.

Velocity Competition Speed Gun Belt with Industrial-Grade VELCRO® made for Competitive and Tactical Shooters
Two Layers

Designed with an inner belt and an outer belt, the Velocity Competition Speed Gun Belt makes it quick and easy to place your gear right where you want it. The Velcro lining makes it simple to place your outer belt with gear on your inner quickly and effectively.

Made to hold all your gear

A Strong HDPE core and Nylon Webbing gives this belt 4,000 pounds of tensile strength so you can run even the heaviest of carry setups.

Velocity Competition Speed Gun Belt with Industrial-Grade VELCRO® made for Competitive and Tactical Shooters with Classic Outside the Waistband (OWB) Holster
Velocity Competition Speed Gun Belt with Industrial-Grade VELCRO® made for Competitive and Tactical Shooters with Belt Keeper
Keep everything in place

Included with every Velocity Competition Speed Belt is a belt keeper that features nylon webbing and velcro to make sure that your gun belt stays right where you put it.