Drop and Offset - Long Drop Holster Attachment

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Our Drop Offset Holster Attachment - Long creates space between your holster and body by lowering and canting the holster outwards. This leads to a cleaner draw with fewer obstructions and can clear space for plate carriers or other gear. For competition shooters, the Drop Offset Holster Attachment  - Long is a must-have for fast draws. Offering an equal amount of drop and cant as our Drop Offset Holster Attachment - Short, we recommend the Drop Offset Holster Attachment  - Long for larger holsters that need a fourth point of contact toward the bottom of the holster.


Can be run on our Signature and Classic holsters with a Tek-Lok, TMMSASR, and a wide range of other holster attachments.

Clear Room
By dropping the holster down approximately 2.5" from the top of the belt while angling it outwards you create space for a clean draw.


The Drop and Offset Holster Attachment - Long offers a lot of mounting holes to create a stable ride.

Precision Molded Design

Produced with high strength, heat resistant polymer in the USA. Precision molded for a superior fit.

1x Drop and Offset - Long Attachment
4x 7/16" Truss Head Screws
4x 0.25" Rubber Spacers
4x 3/8" Posts