EDC Holster Belt

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The Blade-Tech EDC Belt was designed for exactly what it stands for, Everyday Carry. Made from BioThane material, it is resistant to moisture and harsh elements while keeping all your gear in place. Like most traditional belt styles, the EDC Belt is designed with a chrome finish buckle and all metal hardware.

Once these sell out, they won't be coming back!

Made in the United States.

* To find your true belt size, measure your waist with a fabric tape measure. In most cases you can add 2-4 inches to your pants size to get the proper belt fitment.

The EDC Belt is 1.5” and can be used with any of our attachments.

Moisture Resistant
Made from BioThane, the EDC Belt is impervious to water and sweat.

With 7 holes for adjustment you'll be able to get the right fit for you.

Designed with a chrome finish buckle and all metal hardware.

1x EDC Belt

All Blade-Tech Carry Belts are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of One (1) Year from the date of original retail purchase from Blade-Tech or an authorized Blade-Tech retailer listed.