Instructor's Tactical Belt with COBRA Buckle

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Blade-Tech Instructor's Belt

The Blade-Tech Instructor's Nylon Gun Belt is made up of two layers of tough nylon webbing with a polyethylene reinforcement built into the tactical belt. This allows for a full range of movement with enough rigidity to hold up even the heaviest of setups. The AustriAlpin COBRA® Buckle quickly clicks into place and utilizes a staggered head sizing so you can run the small buckle end through your belt loops without having to remove the COBRA® Buckle.

Made in the United States.

* To find size, measure your waist with a fabric tape measure. In most cases, you can add 2-4 inches to your pants size to get the proper belt fitment.


The Instructor's Tactical Belt is 1.5" and can be used with any of our holsters, mag pouches, and attachments.


Genuine AustriAlpin COBRA® Buckle
The COBRA®Buckle System features a solid aluminum 1.5"  COBRA® Buckle from AustriAlpin with two brass release tabs to ensure security.

Our nylon duty belt is designed with Heavy-Duty Nylon Webbing and High-Density Polyethylene Plastic Reinforcement for added durability.

Velcro straps on both ends allow you to adjust the tactical belt to a desired fit.

1x Instructor's Tactical Belt w/ COBRA ® Buckle