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The Tek-Mount™ is a two-part quick connect mounting system consisting of a Receiver and a 360 Insert Disk™. This mounting system provides the same function, speed, and ease of use as the Safariland® QLS but with the added ability to cant your holster instantly without the use of screws or posts. The patent pending Tek-Mount mounting system allows for 10-degree cant increments in 360 degrees. The Tek-Mount Receiver is to be affixed to Belt attachments as a belt mount, Molle Attachments, Drop-Leg Platforms, and more. While the Tek-Mount 360 Insert Disk is to be affixed to your OWB holster, mag pouch, knife sheath, or any other carried gear.


Auto Locking Quick Mount
Slide the 360 Insert Disk into the auto-locking Tek-Mount Receiver to securely bind the two halves of the Tek-Mount together.

Duty Strong
Constructed of a high-strength polymer the Tek-Mount can withstand over 650 lbs of vertical pull force under optimal conditions.

36 Cant Positions / 360 Degrees
Instantly adjust your mounted gear in 10-degree increments, a full 360 degrees without the use of tools or screws and posts. 

The Tek-Mount is compatible with many holsters from top holster brands such as Blade-Tech®, Safariland®, and Blackhawk® holsters. For Safariland® Holsters use the Tek-Mount Safariland® Adapter Kit sold separately.

Mounting Options
The Tek-Mount Receiver can be mounted to various belts, vests, plate carriers, bags, packs, desks, dashboards, walls, gun safes, and more!

Secondary Locking Mechanism
The secondary locking mechanism is an ambidextrous lock that gives users an added level of retention security.

Tek-Mount Packaging

What's Included

1x Tek-Mount Receiver
1x Tek-Mount 360 Insert Disk

Dimensional Information


Take your holster or carried gear equipped with the 360 Insert Disk and insert it into the Auto-Locking Tek-Mount Receiver to hear and feel the two parts of the Tek-Mount system securely interlock together.


The 360 Insert Disk is designed to auto lock into the Tek-Mount Receiver which has 36 interlocking teeth which allows you to adjust your mounted gear in 10 degree increments, a full 360 degrees.


Once you've inserted your holster or carried gear into the Tek-Mount Receiver at your preferred cant position use the secondary locking mechanism for an extra level of retention security.


Constructed of a high strength polymer the Tek-Mount can withstand over 650 lbs of vertical pull force under optimal conditions. The Tek-Mount leaves no question that you can mount your gear without fail even in the most demanding environments. 

Mounting Options


The Tek-Mount is compatible with many belt attachments which allow the Tek-Mount to be used with 1.5" / 1.75" / 2" / 3" EDC belts, duty belts, battle belts and more.


Attach the Tek-Mount directly to your MOLLE compatible vest, carrier or chest rig. Allowing you to quickly adjust your kit to your ideal setup.


Expand your everyday carry pack and customize your daily load out. The Tek-Mount can be mounted directly to MOLLE compatible bags, packs and pouches.


From Broncos to Blackhawks, the Tek-Mount allows you to mount your gear where it's needed most when you're on the move.


When using the Tek-Mount for daily carry, a second receiver mounted strategically to a desk, safe or locker can make for a great place to dock your firearm.

Direct To MOLLE

The Direct to MOLLE Mount enables the Tek-Mount 360 Insert Disk to mount directly to nylon and fabric pouches, carriers, vests, belts and bags. 

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Safariland® Compatible

The Tek-Mount Safariland® Adapter Kit is designed to interface directly with the mounting pattern that is associated with Safariland brand holsters.