Thigh Strap

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Blade-Tech's Thigh Strap is made from durable Nylon Webbing and rubberized stitching to last a lifetime. With its stout buckles, the thigh strap can be adjusted easily to the size of your thigh. The rubber stitching in the center of the Thigh Strap prevents the strap from sliding up and down by gripping onto your leg.

Designed specifically for our Thigh Rig and Duty Drop and Offset however the Blade-Tech Thigh Strap can be used in any configuration that requires a Thigh Strap.

Designed for our Duty Drop and Offset as well as our Thigh Rig. Can be used in most configurations that require a Thigh Strap.

Our durable polymer buckle can be easily adjusted to fit your Thigh.

Tough Mil-Spec Nylon Webbing and our proprietary polymer buckle will last a lifetime. Laced with rubber stitching, the Thigh Strap easily stays right where you put it on your leg.

1x Black Thigh Strap