Total Eclipse 2.0 Holster with Appendix IWB Mag Pouch Mod Kit

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The Blade-Tech Total Eclipse 2.0™ Holster with Total Eclipse® 2.0 Appendix IWB Mag Pouch Mod Kit is designed for appendix inside the waistband (AIWB) carry. Sold as a bundle, this kit includes a Total Eclipse 2.0 Holster along with our Appendix Mag Pouch Mod Kit. Revolutionizing the way you carry, our Mod-Lok™ technology presents a groundbreaking auto-locking, toolless design that effortlessly adapts to your dynamic lifestyle. Seamlessly transition between various configurations by effortlessly sliding and securely locking in different attachments, effortlessly transforming your holster from an IWB to an OWB variant. Our Mod-Lok™ system allows you to carry an extra magazine confidently with the Total Eclipse 2.0 Appendix IWB Mag Pouch Mod. Experience the convenience of effortlessly swapping from OWB during range sessions to AIWB for your daily errands and more, all with a quick and tool-free adjustment.

*This product includes BOTH the Total Eclipse 2.0 Holster and the Appendix IWB Mag Pouch Mod Kit. If you already have a Total Eclipse 2.0 Holster, click here to purchase the Mag Pouch Mod Kit separately.


Ambidextrous Holster
Suitable for left or right-hand shooters by swapping the Mod-Lok™ System to the preferred side.

Positive Lock Trigger Guard
Provides tactile feedback to let you know the firearm is secure.

Flared Lip
Allows for smooth reholstering and clears space for quick draws.

Multi-Directional Adjustable Retention
Adjust retention front to back and side to side.

Each Appendix Mag Pouch Mod comes with a set of AIWB Mods in both the right and left hand version.

Toolless Transitions
Quickly and easily swap from OWB to IWB without any hardware or tools.

Modular Adaptability
There are a variety of quick-release Mods available to convert your holster to fit your specific needs.
Revolutionary Design
Produced in the USA with high-strength, heat-resistant polymers and designed for a superior fit.

What's Included

1x Total Eclipse 2.0™ Modular Holster with Mod-Loks™
1x Appendix IWB Mag Pouch Mod™

2x OWB Holster Mods™
2x IWB Holster Mods™
2x AIWB Holster Mods™
2x AIWB Deep Concealment Holster Mods™

Why Total Eclipse 2.0™ With Mag Pouch Mod?

The Total Eclipse 2.0™ is the most versatile holster you’ll find on the market.
With its interchangeable Mod-Lok™ System, switch your carry position within seconds without any tools or hardware needed. Whether you're at the range, running errands, or protecting your home, the Total Eclipse 2.0™ can adjust exactly how you want, when you want. Carry an extra mag with confidence with the Total Eclipse 2.0 Appendix Mag Pouch Mod. Quickly and toolessly swap from OWB at the range to AIWB for running errands and more.

Appendix Carry With Ease

By combining our Total Eclipse 2.0 Holster with the Appendix Mag Pouch Mod and AIWB Mods, we have created a modular and comfortable way to appendix carry. Our unique mag retention device allows for hundreds of mag fits to keep you Carrying Confident.

Secure Fit

The Total Eclipse 2.0™ was designed to keep your firearm right where you put it. Our OWB and IWB Holster Mods are produced with high-strength polymer and grip right onto any 1.5” belt. Additionally, the Total Eclipse 2.0™ Holster features an audible click when re-holstering as well as an adjustable cant angle with the FBI Cant Mods and adjustable retention to get the most secure fit for you.

Total Eclipse 2.0 Gun Holsters with both IWB and OWB Holster Mods for Mod-Lok attachment fastened onto EDC Everyday Carry EDC Gun Belt
Multi-Directional Adjustable retention

Not only can you adjust the retention in the traditional direction, using the screw on top of the mag pouch you are able to adjust for the width of the mag, not just the thickness.