Total Eclipse OWB Double Mag Pouch

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The Total Eclipse Double OWB Mag Pouch features a slim, ergonomic design that’s meant for concealed carry. Built to ride close to the body, the Total Eclipse Double Mag Pouch is curved and rounded to alleviate pressure points and increase comfort for all-day carry. Adjustable retention keeps your magazines securely in place, and the flared rim allows for easy reholstering.


Flared Lip
Allows for smooth reholstering and clears space for quick draws.

Ambidextrous Design
Can be used with left-hand or right-handed shooters.

Adjustable Retention
Adjustable retention screw and rubber spacer ensure that you can tailor your retention to preference.

Easy to use 1.5” Quick E-Loops make taking it on and off your belt easy.

Precision Molded Design
Produced with high strength, heat resistant polymer in the USA. Precision molded for a superior fit.

1x Total Eclipse Double Mag Pouch
2x 1.5" Quick E-Loops
1911/Commander 1911 SS
1911/Government 1911 SS
1911/Officer 1911 SS
Beretta/92 - 92A1 9-40 DS
Beretta/96 - 96A1 9-40 DS
Beretta/APX 9 GL 9-40
Beretta/M9 - M9A1 9-40 DS
Beretta/PX4 Storm .45 45 DS
Beretta/PX4 Storm 9-40 9-40 DS
Browning/High Power 9-40 9-40 DS
Canik/TP9 SA 9-40 DS
Canik/TP9 V2 9-40 DS
Caracal/9 9-40
CZ/75 Series 9-40 DS
CZ/P-06 9-40 DS
CZ/P-07 9-40 DS
CZ/P-09 9-40 DS
CZ/Shadow 2 9-40 DS
CZ/SP01 9-40 DS
EAA/Double Stack 9-40 9-40 DS
FMK/9C1 9-40 DS
FN/509 9-40
FN/FNP 9-40 9-40 DS
FN/FNS 9-40 9-40
FN/FNX 9-40 9-40 DS
Glock/17 GL 9-40
Glock/19 GL 9-40
Glock/22 GL 9-40
Glock/23 GL 9-40
Glock/24 GL 9-40
Glock/25 GL 9-40
Glock/26 GL 9-40
Glock/27 GL 9-40
Glock/28 GL 9-40
Glock/31 GL 9-40
Glock/32 GL 9-40
Glock/33 GL 9-40
Glock/34 GL 9-40
Glock/35 GL 9-40
Glock/37 GL 9-40
Glock/38 GL 9-40
Glock/39 GL 9-40
Glock/42 GL 42
Glock/43 GL 43
Glock/43X 9-40 DS
Glock/47 GL 9-40
Glock/48 9-40 DS
H&K/45 Full Size 45 DS
H&K/P30 9-40
H&K/P7-M13 9-40
H&K/USP Compact 9-40 GL 9-40
H&K/USP Fullsize 9-40 45 DS
H&K/VP40 9-40
H&K/VP9 9-40
Rock Island Armory/Single Stack 1911 SS
Ruger/American 45 45 DS
Ruger/American 9-40 9-40 DS
Ruger/Max 9 9-40 DS
Ruger/Security 9 9-40
Ruger/SR45 45 DS
Ruger/SR9 9-40 DS
S&W/CSX 9-40 DS
S&W/M&P 2.0 45 45 DS
S&W/M&P 2.0 9-40 9-40
S&W/M&P 45 45 DS
S&W/M&P 9 Shield PLUS 9-40 DS
S&W/M&P 9-40 9-40
S&W/M&P Shield 45 Shield 45
S&W/M&P Shield 9-40 Shield 9-40
S&W/SD9 VE 9-40 DS
S&W/Sigma 9-40 9-40
SCCY/CPX1 & CPX2 9-40 DS
Sig/1911 1911 SS
Sig/P220 1911 SS
Sig/P220 Elite 10mm 1911 SS
Sig/P224 9-40 9-40 DS
Sig/P226 9-40 9-40 DS
Sig/P227 45 DS
Sig/P228 9-40 9-40 DS
Sig/P229 9-40 9-40 DS
Sig/P245 1911 SS
Sig/P250 9-40 9-40 DS
Sig/P320 9-40 9-40 DS
Sig/P320 M18 9-40 DS
Sig/P320 Subcompact 9-40 DS
Sig/P320C 9-40 9-40 DS
Sig/P365 9-40 DS
Sig/P365 XL 9-40 DS
Sig/P365-XMACRO 9-40 DS
Springfield/Hellcat 9-40DS
Springfield/Hellcat Pro 9-40DS
Springfield/XD 45 45 DS
Springfield/XD 45 Mod 2 45 DS
Springfield/XD 9-40 9-40 DS
Springfield/XD 9-40 Mod 2 9-40 DS
Springfield/XDE 1911 SS
Springfield/XDM 45 45 DS
Springfield/XDM 45 Mod 2 45 DS
Springfield/XDM 9-40 9-40 DS
Springfield/XDM 9-40 Mod 2 9-40 DS
Springfield/XDS 1911 SS
Springfield/XDS Mod 2 1911 SS
STI/ Edge 2011 45 DS
Taurus/G2 & G3 9-40 DS
Taurus/G2C & G3C 9-40 DS
Taurus/GX4 9-40 DS
Taurus/PT 111 9-40 DS
Taurus/PT809 9-40 DS
Walther/Creed 9mm 9-40
Walther/P99 9-40 DS
Walther/PP9 9-40 DS
Walther/PPQ 9-40 DS
Walther/PPQ M + M2 9-40 DS
Walther/PPS 1911 SS
Carry Confident® Lifetime Guarantee
At Blade-Tech, we build all of our gear to last a lifetime. We are so confident in our craftsmanship and the quality of our products that we guarantee that if your customer's Holster, Attachment, or Mag Pouch breaks, we will repair or replace it free of charge minus the cost of shipping and handling.
Person wearing Total Eclipse Double Mag Pouch Outside the Waistband (OWB) with EDC Gun Belt

Why Total Eclipse Double Mag Pouch?

The Total Eclipse Double mag pouch makes it easy to carry two spare mags for OWB carry. Easy on / Easy off belt clips allow you to position the mag pouch anywhere on the belt effortlessly and make reholstering a breeze. Additionally, the retention can be adjusted with the center screw on the mag pouch to tailor the fit of both mags. Not only that, but the ambidextrous design of the Total Eclipse Double Mag Pouch allows for both right-hand and left-handed shooters.

Total Eclipse Double Mag Pouch Outside the Waistband (OWB) 9/40 Double Stack and 1911 Single Stack
Many sizes to choose from

The Total Eclipse Double Mag Pouch is made to fit all sorts of mags from big to small. Whether you’ve got a P365 or 1911 we’ve got you covered.

Reliable every day

The Total Eclipse OWB Double Mag Pouch is a slim, concealable mag pouch designed for everyday carry. Built-in retention keeps your magazine secure even during heavy use.

Total Eclipse Double Mag Pouch Outside the Waistband (OWB) SIG P320 Compact 9/40DS
Total Eclipse Double Mag Pouch Outside the Waistband (OWB) 1911 Single Stack
Spare the bulk

A slim design makes it easy to carry the Total Eclipse Double Mag Pouch and stay concealed whether you carry IWB (Inside the Waistband) or OWB (Outside the Waistband.)