Mod-Lok Upgrade Kit

Mod-Lok Upgrade Kit

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The Blade-Tech Mod-Lok™ Upgrade Kit is designed for our Total Eclipse® 1.0 owners who still enjoy running their current holster but want the innovative and versatile benefits the Mod-Lok™ System offers. Our Mod-Lok™ Holster Mods allow you to quickly change carry styles and placements in just a matter of seconds. This is a great way to bring an upgrade to your trusted holster and give yourself a selection of new carry styles and variations.

Toolless Transitions
Quickly and easily swap from IWB to OWB without messing with any hardware or tools.

Modular Adaptability
There are a variety of quick release Mods available to convert your holster to fit your specific needs.

Revolutionary Design
Produced with high-strength, heat resistant polymer and designed for a superior fit.

Auto-Locking Capability  
The Mod-Lok™ provides an audible click when every Mod is properly inserted providing reassurance that your holster is secure.

Quick Release Tab
Every Mod-Lok™ is designed with an intuitive Quick Release Tab making switching out your Mods effortless.

Mod-Lok™ Upgrade Kit
2x  Mod-Loks™ 
2x  IWB Mods™ 
2x  OWB Mods™
4x  3/8" Posts
4x  1/2" Truss Head Screws

Carry Confident® Lifetime Guarantee
At Blade-Tech, we build all of our gear to last a lifetime. We are so confident in our craftsmanship and the quality of our products that we guarantee that if your customer's Holster, Attachment, or Mag Pouch breaks, we will repair or replace it free of charge minus the cost of shipping and handling.

Why Mod-Lok™ Upgrade Kit?

The Mod-Lok™ Upgrade Kit is ideal for those who already own a Total Eclipse Holster or Mag Pouch and would like to convert to the Mod-Lok™ System. Each Upgrade Kit comes with two Mod-Loks™ with hardware, two OWB Mods, and two IWB Mods. Once the Mod-Lok™ Hubs have been installed, easily swap from OWB to IWB in a matter of seconds without any tools needed.

Close up of the Toolless Mod-Lok attachment for Gun Holster with the OWB Mod for Outside the Waistband Carry
Interchangeable Mod-Lok™ System

Every Mod auto-locks into the Mod-Lok™ Hub and provides an audible click for reassurance that your holster isn't going anywhere. The Quick Release Tab allows you to easily swap out the Holster Mods™ whenever you are ready to change carry positions.

Compatible with Total Eclipse® 1.0 Holsters and Mag Pouches

The Mod-Lok™ System can be mounted onto any Total Eclipse 1.0 Holster or Mag Pouch. Easily remove the previous belt loops and slide the Mod-Lok™ onto the Holster or Mag Pouch.

Mod-lok attachment being mounted onto Total Eclipse IWB and OWB Gun Holster for Toolless transitions for CCW and Everyday Carry
Mod-Lok Attachment with OWB Mod, IWB Mod, Belt-Lok Mod, and FBI Cant Mod for Quick Toolless Transitions from Outside the Waistband to Inside the Waistband in Seconds
Run Them All

We offer four different Mods for a variety of carry positions. Quickly lock in or swap out our IWB Mod, OWB Mod, FBI Cant Mod, and Belt-Lok™ Mod in just a matter of seconds. Every Mod was designed to fit into the Mod-Lok™ Hub perfectly without any hang up or loose fitting.