Ultimate Carry Belt

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The Ultimate Carry Gun Belt

Make gun belts with holes a thing of the past with our ratcheting Ultimate Carry Belt. Designed with a stiff polymer core, this everyday carry gun belt was made to handle the added weight of a firearm while sparing the bulk. This gun belt can be adjusted in fine increments on the fly without having to undo the ratcheting belt buckle.

Made with tough, water-resistant materials and a ratcheting system with 1,300 lbs of tensile strength, our Ultimate Carry Belt may just be the last belt you ever buy.


Two Styles and Four Colors
Coyote and Black in Nylon as well as Brown and Black in Leather.

One Size
Fits waists from 28" to 50". Simply follow the provided instructions to size it to your waist.

Ratcheting Belt Buckle Design
Allows for up to 6 inches of adjustment on the fly without undoing your ratcheting belt buckle. The reinforced polymer teeth allow for fine adjustments, unlike a traditional concealed carry belt.

Reinforced Polymer Core
Keeps any size firearm right where you put it. Forget the days of having to wear a double-layer nylon belt or steel core leather belt that's too stiff. Spare the bulk with no compromise.

1x Ultimate Carry Belt
All Blade-Tech Carry Belts are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of One (1) Year from the date of original retail purchase from Blade-Tech or an authorized Blade-Tech retailer listed.
Person wearing Ultimate Carry Gun Belt with Ratcheting Belt Buckle and Ultimate Klipt Appendix Inside the Waistband (AIWB) Holster

Why Ultimate Carry Belt?

Some call it the last EDC gun belt you’ll ever buy, and they might be right. The Ultimate Carry Belt has all the features and innovation you’d expect in a top-tier everyday carry gun belt. A stiff polymer core keeps the weight of a carry set up right on your waist regardless of whether you are carrying an IWB or OWB Holster, and our multiple styles have you covered regardless of the occasion. Additionally, the ratcheting belt buckle system makes belts with holes a thing of the past allowing users to adjust their gun belt up to 6 inches on the fly.

Ultimate Carry Gun Belt Black Nylon with Ratcheting Belt Buckle for Everyday Carry
One Size Fits All

Every Ultimate Carry Belt is one size fits all. No more sifting through endless sizes to find your size. The Ultimate Carry Belt has size indicators from size 28” to 50” and is cut to fit.


The Ultimate Carry Belts ratcheting belt buckle allows for 6” of adjustment on the fly without unbuckling or removing the belt.

Ultimate Carry Gun Belt Brown Leather with Ratcheting Belt Buckle for Everyday Carry
Ultimate Carry Gun Belt Black Nylon with Total Eclipse Outside the Waistband/ Inside the Waistband (OWB/IWB) Gun Holster and Total Eclipse Double Mag Pouch Outside the Waistband (OWB) Mag Carrier
Polymer Core

With a high-strength polymer core in the center, the Ultimate Carry Belt is stiff enough to hold up anything from our Klipt IWB Holster with a Glock 43 to a fully loaded 2011 in a Classic OWB Holster without it slipping off your waist.