Velocity OWB Holster

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Discover the remarkable features of the Velocity OWB Holster™, designed to enhance your shooting experience. With adjustable retention, modular mounting holes, a deep speed cut, optics compatibility, and an open bottom, this holster offers a premium package for your shooting needs.

Our expert team of holster makers has meticulously crafted the Velocity OWB Holster from high-strength Boltaron, ensuring exceptional durability for your everyday carry needs. This holster is built to withstand the test of time.

If purchasing on 360 Insert Disk, a Tek-Mount Receiver is necessary for operation.

Carry Confident™ With the Velocity OWB Holster.

*Right Hand Only



Open Bottom
Ample room for compensators, threaded barrels, and more.

Deep Speed Cut
Tons of space for optics and provides cleaner, faster draws.

Adjustable Retention
The adjustable retention screws can tighten or loosen the fit of the holster around your firearm.

Versatile Mounting Holes
Compatible with Attachments from Safariland, Blackhawk, & more.

Positive Lock Trigger Guard
Provides tactile feedback to let you know the firearm is secure.

Precision Formed Design
Formed with high-strength Boltaron, the Velocity OWB Holster offers a precise fit and adjustment. Made in the USA.

What's Included

Velocity Holster With 360 Insert Disk Option:
 Velocity™ OWB Holster on Tek-Mount™ 360 Insert Disk

Velocity Holster With Tek-Lok Option:
 Velocity™ OWB Holster on Tek-Lok® Belt Attachment



Perfect for competition, tactical, and every day carry applications - the Velocity OWB holster allows for quick draws on guns with long slides. The Mounting hole pattern allows it to be attached to Safariland and Blackhawk products with ease.


Don't let your compensator, threaded barrel, or other modifications determine your holster. The Velocity OWB Holster is designed to provide ample room for longer slides and modifications. A wide-open bottom ensures you don't sacrifice comfort for a secure fit.


The Velocity OWB Holster is a great choice for anyone needing a secure fit with extra space for optics like the Trijicon SRO or Aimpoint Acro. It's optimized for a cleaner, faster draw, allowing for a seamless experience and complete control.


Pre-installed on either the Tek-Lok Belt attachment or on the Tek-Mount 360 Insert Disk for unparalleled levels of versatility utilizing our game-changing Tek-Mount Quick Connect Mounting System.


The Velocity OWB Holster is a perfect choice for any user looking for an effective, reliable holster. Compatible with attachments from leading brands such as Safariland and Blackhawk, it offers an excellent level of convenience and flexibility.