Velocity OWB Multi-Fit Mag Pouch

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1911/Government .45acp 45 SS
1911/Officer .45acp 45 SS
1911/Ultra .45acp 45 SS
Beretta/92 - 92A1 9/40 DS
Beretta/92 Brigadier 9/40 DS
Beretta/96 - 96A1 9/40 DS
Beretta/96 Vertec 9/40 DS
Beretta/APX 9 9/40 DS
Beretta/M9 - M9A1 9/40 DS
Beretta/PX4 Storm .45 45 DS
Beretta/PX4 Storm 9-40 9/40 DS
Bersa/Thunder 9 Pro TX 9/40 DS
Browning/High Power 9-40 9/40 DS
Canik/TP9 SA 9/40 DS
Canik/TP9 V2 9/40 DS
CZ/75 Series 9/40 DS
CZ/P-07 9/40 DS
CZ/P-09 9/40 DS
CZ/P10 C 9/40 DS
CZ/P10 F 9/40 DS
CZ/Shadow 2 9/40 DS
CZ/SP01 9/40 DS
CZ/Tactical Sport .40 9/40 DS
CZ/TS2 9/40 DS
FN/509 9/40 DS
FN/FNP 45 45 DS
FN/FNP 9-40 9/40 DS
FN/FNS 9-40 9/40 DS
FN/FNX 9-40 9/40 DS
Glock/17 9/40 DS
Glock/19 9/40 DS
Glock/20 45 DS
Glock/21 45 DS
Glock/22 9/40 DS
Glock/23 9/40 DS
Glock/24 9/40 DS
Glock/26 9/40 DS
Glock/27 9/40 DS
Glock/29 45 DS
Glock/30 45 DS
Glock/31 9/40 DS
Glock/32 9/40 DS
Glock/33 9/40 DS
Glock/34 9/40 DS
Glock/35 9/40 DS
Glock/37 9/40 DS
Glock/38 9/40 DS
Glock/40 45 DS
Glock/41 45 DS
Glock/42 9/40 SS
Glock/43 9/40 SS
Glock/43X 9/40 DS
Glock/44 9/40 DS
Glock/45 9/40 DS
Glock/47 9/40 DS
Glock/48 9/40 DS
H&K/2000 9/40 DS
H&K/45 Fullsize 45 DS
H&K/P30 9/40 DS
H&K/USP Compact .45 45 DS
H&K/USP Compact 9-40 9/40 DS
H&K/USP Full Size .45 45 DS
H&K/USP Full Size 9-40 9/40 DS
H&K/VP40 9/40 DS
H&K/VP9 9/40 DS
H&K/VP9SK 9/40 DS
Magpul/PMAG 15 GL9 9/40 DS
Magpul/PMAG 17 GL9 9/40 DS
Para Ordinance/Double Stack 9-40-45 45 DS
Ruger/American 45 45 DS
Ruger/American 9FS 9/40 DS
Ruger/LC9 9/40 SS
Ruger/Max 9 9/40 DS
Ruger/Security 9 Compact 9/40 DS
Ruger/Security 9 FS 9/40 DS
Ruger/SR9C 9/40 DS
S&W/CSX 9/40 DS
S&W/Equalizer 9mm 9/40 DS
S&W/M&P .45 45 DS
S&W/M&P 2.0 .45 45 DS
S&W/M&P 2.0 9-40 9/40 DS
S&W/M&P 2.0 9-40 Compact 9/40 DS
S&W/M&P 45 45 DS
S&W/M&P 9 Shield PLUS 9/40 DS
S&W/M&P 9-40 9/40 DS
S&W/M&P 9-40 9/40 DS
S&W/M&P 9-40 Compact 9/40 DS
S&W/M&P Compact 9/40 9/40 DS
S&W/M&P Shield .45 45 SS
S&W/M&P Shield 9-40 9/40 SS
S&W/SD9 VE 9/40 DS
SCCY/CPX1 & CPX2 9/40 DS
Shield Arms/S15 Gen 3 9/40 DS
Sig/1911 9/40 SS
Sig/P220 9/40 SS
Sig/P226 9-40 9/40 DS
Sig/P226 X5 9-40 9/40 DS
Sig/P227 45 DS
Sig/P228 9-40 9/40 DS
Sig/P229 9-40 9/40 DS
Sig/P320 .45acp 45 DS
Sig/P320 9-40 9/40 DS
Sig/P320 M18 9/40 DS
Sig/P320 Subcompact 9/40 DS
Sig/P320C 9/40 9/40 DS
Sig/P365-XMACRO 9/40 DS
Sig/P365/P365X 9/40 DS
Sig/P365XL 9/40 DS
Spinx/SDP Compact 9/40 DS
Springfield/Echelon 9/40 DS
Springfield/Hellcat 9/40 DS
Springfield/Hellcat Pro 9/40 DS
Springfield/Prodigy 9mm 2011
Springfield/XD 45 45 DS
Springfield/XD 45 Mod.2 45 DS
Springfield/XD 9-40 9/40 DS
Springfield/XD 9-40 Mod 2 9/40 DS
Springfield/XDE 9/40 SS
Springfield/XDM 45 45 DS
Springfield/XDM 45 Mod.2 45 DS
Springfield/XDM 9-40 9/40 DS
Springfield/XDM 9-40 Mod 2 9/40 DS
Springfield/XDS .45 45 SS
Springfield/XDS 9/40 9/40 SS
Springfield/XDS Mod.2 .45 45 SS
Springfield/XDS Mod.2 9/40 9/40 SS
Staccato/ 2011 9/40/45 2011
Taurus/G2 & G3 9/40 DS
Taurus/G2C & G3C 9/40 DS
Taurus/GX4 9/40 DS
Walther PDP 9mm 9/40 DS
Walther/PPQ 9/40 DS
Walther/PPQ M + M2 9/40 DS
Walther/PPS 9/40 SS
Wilson Combat/Brigadier Tac 92G 9/40 DS

The Velocity OWB Multi-Fit Mag Pouch is the most versatile and customizable mag pouch that we've ever produced. Perfect for situations from a day at the range to duty use, this mag pouch will keep your reloads smooth, fast, and clean.

Comes on your choice of either the Tek-Lok Belt Attachment or Tek-Mount Mini 360 Insert Disk.

*Designed for right-handed shooters


Speed Cut
The is mag pouch features a deep speed cut, allowing you to index, draw, and clear the mag quickly and smoothly.

Duty Strong and USA Made
Injection Molded in the USA with a high-strength, heat-resistant polymer.

Multi-Directional Adjustable Retention
Adjust retention front to back and side to side

Multi-Fit Mag Compatibility
Fits a wide array of specified magazines with the spring loaded width adjustment screws


1x Velocity OWB Multi-Fit Mag Pouch on Attachment of Choice
2x Alternate Retention Springs




Perfect for competition, tactical, and duty applications - the Velocity OWB Multi-Fit Mag Pouch allows for quick draws on a huge variety of mags. Pair it with a Tek-Mount Mini for the most customizable mag setup on the market.

Multi-Directional adjustable retention

Not only can you adjust the retention in the traditional direction, using the screw on top of the mag pouch you are able to adjust for the width of the mag, not just the thickness.


With an extremely deep speed cut, indexing your mag has never been easier. The speed cut also allows your mag to clear quicker, providing you a faster, smoother draw.




Using springs instead of spacers allows you to swap hardware depending on your specific mag. We include an extra set of smaller springs to maximize compatibility.


Using the versatile mounting holes on the Mag Pouch, you can easily cant a Tek-lok or affix your own attachment.


The Tek-Mount Mini 360 Insert Disk Attachment is inserted into the Tek-Mount Mini Receiver, and gives you the ability to instantly and toolessly set your cant in 15-degree increments for 24 unique cant positions. Tek-Lok Belt Attachment directly attaches to your belt, and can be canted by changing screw and post positions in the mag pouch. We were successful in creating 5 unique cant positions using the Tek-Lok Belt Attachment. 

Yes, depending upon your belt, the modular hole spacing may accommodate directly mounting the Velocity SMP to your belt. 

While the design lends itself to running your magazine with the rounds forward orientation, you can achieve adequate retention on the magazine while running it in the round facing back orientation, though not recommended.

Each Velocity SMP has two retention adjustment devices. The first is our width adjustment, on top of the mag pouch near the opening. The second is the traditional, thickness adjustment. Using these two devices in conjunction allows you to fit many, many mags into just one mag pouch. Smaller mags may need the smaller springs, and larger mags require the standard springs.