Gun Belt vs Regular Belt: The Differences 

The Difference Between a Gun Belt and a Regular Belt

Once you’ve made the decision to carry a concealed weapon, your journey of personal safety has only just begun. The positioning and method in which you carry your firearm offer a variety of combinations that seem endless. Do you want an IWB or an OWB holster? Do you want a gun belt or a regular belt? What IS a gun belt? The number of choices can be overwhelming, and when weighing the pros and cons of the gun belt vs regular belt debate, it’s essential to have all of the information. This blog is here to help you navigate these decisions and see if a concealed carry belt is right for you. 

Features of a Gun Belt

A belt for carrying guns is obviously going to have some features or attributes that are not typical of a regular belt that’s made for holding up pants. Let’s go over some of these gun belt features and see if a gun belt is the right choice for you.

A Gun Belt is Made from High Quality Materials

The material used to craft a gun belt is made from higher quality materials than a regular belt. Whether your concealed carry belt is made out of nylon or leather, it is made with the specific purpose of carrying a gun in mind. The higher quality materials, combined with the stiffness of a gun belt both serve the purposes of everyday carry and can withstand the wear and tear that comes with it.

Concealing Your Firearm is Easier With a Gun Belt

Without a proper gun belt, you are more likely to suffer from poor concealment of your firearm. This is because regular belts aren’t stiff enough to keep your holstered firearm held tight against your body. This can cause printing, exposing the outline of your firearm through your clothing. When using a proper gun belt, your holster will remain close to you without spilling outward away from your body.

Concealed Carrying is More Comfortable With a Gun Belt

A key piece of information in the gun belt vs regular belt debate is the comfortability that a gun belt provides you while you are concealed carrying. A regular belt is not designed to carry the extra weight of a gun or magazine. Because of this, carrying your firearm or any accessories on it can cause your pants to sag and force you to keep adjusting your pants. This is not a problem you will experience with a gun belt. A gun belt is designed for the specific purpose of carrying the extra weight of a firearm. With an EDC belt, you don’t have to worry about having to adjust your pants as they won’t fall.

In conclusion, the gun belt vs regular belt debate is a lengthy one with numerous factors influencing your decision on whether or not it’s the right choice for you. A gun belt will help ease the process of concealed carrying in a way that a regular belt simply cannot. So to answer the question “What is a gun belt?” It is a necessity for any responsible, serious gun owner. Shop Blade-Tech’s selection of gun belts today.

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