Additional Tek-Mount 360 Insert Disk with Hardware

Additional Tek-Mount 360 Insert Disk with Hardware

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Take all your gear to the next level and make it compatible with the Tek-Mount Receiver with additional 360 Insert Disks. The Tek-Mount™ 360 Insert Disk™ is the male portion of the Tek-Mount™ quick connect mounting system. It can be quickly mounted to many different holsters and mag pouches to provide instant compatibility with the female portion, the Tek-Mount™ Receiver. The Tek-Mount is a two-part quick-connect mounting system. This mounting system provides the same function, speed, and ease of use as the Safariland® QLS but with the added ability to cant your holster instantly without the use of screws or posts. The patent pending Tek-Mount mounting system allows for 10-degree cant increments in 360 degrees. The 360 Insert Disk is to be affixed to your holster, mag pouch, knife sheath, or any other carried gear and is compatible with a variety of other holster attachments.


36 Cant Positions / 360 Degrees
36 interlocking teeth give the user 36 different cant positions that adjust in 10-degree increments a full 360 degrees.

Compatible with Blade-Tech® and Blackhawk® holsters. For Safariland® Holsters use the Tek-Mount Safariland® Adapter Kit.

Mounting Options
Can be mounted on MOLLE pouches, belts, bags, and more when combined with Blade-Tech’s Direct to Molle Mount.

Duty Strong and USA Made
Made in The USA with high-strength glass-filled polymer. The Tek-Mount leaves no question that you can mount your gear without fail even in the most demanding environments. 

What's Included

1x Tek-Mount 360 Insert Disk
3x 3/16" Posts
3x 5/16" Truss Head Screws

If you have any questions about Blade-Tech’s Tek-Mount Mounting System 360 Insert Disk or want to learn more about any of our other products, contact us today for more information.

*For holsters that use the Safariland® hole pattern use the Tek-Mount Safariland® Adapter Kit sold separately.

**Tek-Mount is NOT compatible with our Total Eclipse 2.0™ & Total Eclipse OWB Holsters.