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Drop and Offset - Small

The Drop and Offset Attachment creates room between the holster and your body by lowering and canting the holster away slightly (approximately 2’’ below the belt line) for a more comfortable carry, and easier draw.


Duty Drop and Offset

The Duty Drop and Offset with Hardware is designed specifically to mount your holster low enough to clear body armor while also canting the holster slightly outwards. Draw speed is increased, resulting in a tactical advantage. The drop and offset is perfect for on-duty personnel and security.


IWB Loops (Pair)

The IWB Pull-The-Dot Snap Loops are compatible with the Blade-Tech Nano IWB Holster.


1.5" Quick E-Loop (Pair)

Quick-E-Loops arm you with grab and go capability. Two points of attachment on the back of the loop create a stable and convenient way to attach items to your belt.

$9.99 – $12.99

Small Tek-Lok™

Our patented TEK-LOK is an innovative and versatile belt attachment system with an integrated secondary locking system. This Blade-Tech attachment is easy to attach, easy to remove and is a customer favorite worldwide.

$7.49 – $14.99

Molle-Lok - Short

The Blade-Tech Molle-Lok Attachment gives you the convenience and versatility you need when customizing how you carry your gear. The Molle-Lok is designed for both stability and ease of use, even under the harshest of conditions.

$9.99 – $23.99

TMMS - Small

Our Tactical Modular Mount System (TMMS) is comprised of one female (outer) and one male (inner) locking attachments that allow for increased mobility of the users’ gear across several different platforms.

The TMMS connects directly to the existing mounting holes on your Blade-Tech gear. Corresponding female attachments can be affixed to the THIGH RIG, TEK-LOK™, or MOLLE-LOK attachments, allowing you to move your gear from one platform to another with ease.

The TMMS - Small is the perfect carry system for mounting your holster and firearm across multiple different locations while creating a variety of ways to carry your gear conveniently.


Holster/Firearm Keychain

Your Blade-Tech collection isn't complete until you have a Blade-Tech Holster Key Chain. Keychain holsters make great gifts and come in three different firearm options. Pick your favorite, or collect all three!


Blade-Tech Logo Hat - Offset

The Blade-Tech Bull Logo Hat is a Blade-Tech customer favorite way to sport our iconic Bull Logo in comfort and style.
$39.99 – $44.99

Ultimate Klipt Holster

The Ultimate Klipt Holster boasts everything you’ve come to know and love about the Klipt holster with the addition of advanced features to increase function, concealment and all-day comfort. Our Blade-Tech exclusive, Low-Profile Concealment Attachment eliminates the potential for printing by slightly changing the angle of your firearm grip inward, towards your body. Carry with comfort, convenience, and confidence when you carry the Ultimate Klipt Holster.

$49.99 – $59.99

Ultimate Carry Belt

The Ultimate Carry Belt is the ultimate in everyday carry...for EVERYONE. This belt fits size 25-50'' waist, with an additional 6 inches of adjustability. With this ratcheting gun belt, you enjoy the convenience of changing your belt range up to 6'' on the fly without having to unbuckle. Simply press the easy release lever forward and slide the belt strap open or close. This is perfect for tightening your belt size after removing Inside the Waistband (IWB) gear, or for making small adjustments throughout the day for comfort. The heavy-duty ratcheting system adjusts in quarter inch increments and boasts ultra-strong reinforced polymer teeth, yielding an amazing 1,300 lb. tensile strength rating.

Limited One-Year Warranty