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Blade-Tech’s CZ 75 TS holsters make OWB carry simple and easy. There is no better holster for your CZ Tactical Sport on the market than Blade-Tech’s. Designed to carry your CZ Tactical Sport confidently, you can be assured that your firearm is always securely in place at all times. The CZ 75 tactical sport competition holster offers a precise fit and adjustment and is compatible with a wide variety of our holster attachments. Also, the CZ 75 TS holster is made right here in the USA so you can rest easy knowing your gun is safe and secured in the best CZ 75 TS holster around. So go ahead and give yourself some peace of mind - order Blade-Tech’s CZ 75 Tactical Sport holster today.

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OWB HOLSTER FOR CZ 75 Tactical Sport

The Classic OWB Holster for CZ 75 Tactical Sport is worn by some of the most renowned marksmen in modern competitive shooting sports. With its adjustable retention, modular mounting holes, speed cut, and optics compatibility, you have a CZ 75 holster that can be tailored to your shooting style.