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Total Eclipse Double Mag Pouch

The Total Eclipse Double Mag Pouch is the ultimate in low profile carry. Pouches fit close to the body, with a curved design to eliminate pressure points and increase comfort.


Signature Single Mag Pouch

We built the Signature Single Mag Pouch to last a lifetime using a proprietary blend of extremely durable polymers, and our precision-molding technique. The flared rim of the mag pouch acts as a guide for smooth holstering and allows for lightning fast reloads. Adjustable retention screws allow you to choose the level of retention based on your preference.


Signature Double Mag Pouch

The Signature Double Mag Pouch is precision-molded using a proprietary blend of extremely durable polymers, so it is built to last a lifetime. Flared top entry points allow for easy draw and ultra-smooth holstering. Dual retention can be adjusted to your preference.

$34.99 – $54.99

Signature AR Mag Pouch

The Signature AR Mag Pouch is precision-molded using a proprietary blend of extremely durable polymers and is built to last a lifetime. Dual retention can be adjusted to preference while the TEK-LOK™ Attachment (with belt-width adjustable shim) keeps mags secured in place without requiring belt removal, for convenience when you carry.


Velocity Competition Speed Belt

Blade-Tech consulted with our sponsored shooters to engineer a belt that is perfectly suited for the sport. The Velocity Competition Speed Belt features industrial grade Velcro backing that allows you to layer the two halves of the belt (one holding all your gear, the other serving as a base) to create an easy-on, easy-off set up that is fully secured in place with the Blade-Tech belt keeper.

Limited One-Year Warranty

$9.99 – $54.99


Our patented TEK-LOK is an innovative and versatile belt attachment system with an integrated secondary locking system. This Blade-Tech attachment is easy to attach, easy to remove and is a customer favorite worldwide.
$7.49 – $14.99

Molle-Lok - Long

The Blade-Tech Molle-Lok Attachment gives you the convenience and versatility you need when customizing how you carry your gear. The Molle-Lok is designed for both stability and ease of use, even under the harshest of conditions.

$12.99 – $29.99

TMMS - Large

Our Tactical Modular Mount System (TMMS) is comprised of one female (outer) and one male (inner) locking attachments that allow for increased mobility of the users’ gear across several different platforms.

The TMMS connects directly to the existing mounting holes on your Blade-Tech gear. Corresponding female attachments can be affixed to the THIGH RIG, TEK-LOK™, or MOLLE-LOK attachments, allowing you to move your gear from one platform to another with ease.

The TMMS Large is the perfect carry system for mounting your holster and firearm across multiple different locations while creating a variety of ways to carry your gear conveniently.


Thigh Rig

Not all Thigh Rigs are created equal. Our Thigh Rig features a swivel loop and velcro strap system that allows for a full range of motion without compromising stability or adding unnecessary, bulky material to your rig. The Thigh Rig allows you to have a stable platform for attaching Blade-Tech holsters and attachments.

$9.99 – $12.99

Adjustable Sting Ray Loop

The Adjustable Stingray (ASR) Belt Loop features a movable belt shim to easily adjust sizing for various belt widths while maintaining a secure and close to the body Outside the Waistband (OWB) fit. The ASR belt loop boasts a wide platform design to optimize stabilization on your belt.


Adjustable Paddle

The Paddle Attachment boasts a wide platform which increases stability. A curved design holds your firearm close to the body to limit the potential of printing for maximum concealment. The paddle is designed for all day carry and features an adjustable belt lug to accommodate 1.25''- 2'' belt sizes.


Drop and Offset - Long

The Drop and Offset Attachment creates room between the holster and your body by lowering and canting the holster away slightly (approximately 2’’ below the belt line) for a more comfortable carry, and easier draw.